Kaapseplein: new design

Published: 18 August 2022Modified: 26 August 2022

The municipality is giving the Kaapseplein a new design. The square will get a new look as well as better play equipment and more greenery. The work will be carried out between July and November 2022.

The demolition work has already been completed. During the first week of September 2022 the contractor will start building the new square. The festive opening of the Kaapseplein is planned for November 2022.

The Kaapseplein has been a unappealing spot to walk around for some time. Especially children, teenagers and women often feel unsafe on the square. The new design should make the Kaapseplein safer. It will become a better place for children and teenagers to play. The square will also get a stage for neighbourhood activities. Once the new design is ready, the Kaapseplein can be closed off to keep it safe and will only be accessible during the day and in the early evening.


Some 400 residents were consulted on the design. A special Plein team with people from the neighbourhood submitted their ideas on how the square would be used. Once the project is completed, this team will help organise neighbourhood activities on the square. The square will get:  

  • a new football cage
  • a path consisting of child-friendly asphalt mixed with seashells
  • new playground equipment for children under 6 years old
  • a stage with a sunroof
  • a drinking water point and a new Haags Hopje with a toilet for children.
    Impression of the new Kaapseplein
    Impression of the new Kaapseplein


    The work will be done in 2 phases:

    • During Phase 1 the old square will be dug up. This phase was completed at the end of July.
    • The new square will be constructed as of the beginning of September.


      Machinery and equipment will be delivered and removed during the project. This can cause some noise nuisance during working days between 7.00 and 16.00 hrs. The municipality will try to limit this nuisance as much as possible.  

      The weather and other (unexpected) circumstances could delay the project. This could lead to a shift in planning.


      The Kaapseplein will be closed off during the project. The municipality will do everything in its power to ensure safety during the project. Nevertheless work sites remain dangerous spots. It is good to tell this to children and to keep them away from the work site.


      Do you have questions about the project? Send an email to Paul Markwat, supervisor at the Municipality of The Hague:

      Plein team for the Kaapseplein
      Plein team for the Kaapseplein