Join the ‘Keep it Clean – Zuiderpark’ campaign

Published: 26 July 2018Modified: 26 July 2018

Zuiderpark is the city’s green oasis in the middle of the Escamp district. Everyday many people go there to enjoy this lovely area. Especially in the summer you can enjoy taking a walk, playing or barbecuing there. The park is even nicer if it stays tidy and beautiful.

Rubbish, cigarette butts and ash from the barbecue belong in the rubbish bin. Luckily many people clean up their mess after a day in the park. But we can do an even better job. Stichting Zuiderpark is organising a clean-up campaign in the park together with residents, partners and businesses. You will see the programme below.

Summer walk with TrashUre Hunt

When: Tuesday, 31 July, 10.00 - 12.00 hrs.

Where: Parkoers restaurant, Marie Heinenweg 3

Who is it for?: Stichting Zonnebloem, walking clubs, neighbourhood residents

Volunteers from Parkoers will serve a cup of coffee or tea with cake at 10.00 hrs. Then the participants will go walking in the park and will clean it up under the guidance of TrashUre Hunt.

Keep it Clean Zuiderpark (foto Inge van Mill)

Middin pancake walk

When: Wednesday, 15 August, 11.00 - 13.00 hrs.

Where: Parkoers restaurant, Marie Heinenweg 3

Who is it for?: Volunteers and participants at Middin, neighbourhood residents, walkers and people who use the park.

Meet at 11.00 hrs. at Parkoers. You will walk through the park with TrashUre. During the walk you can help clean up. At the end you will get a pancake or sandwich.

Treasure hunt with TrashUre Hunt

When: Wednesday, 29 August, 13.30 - 16.30 hrs.

Where: Parkoers restaurant, Marie Heinenweg 3

Who is it for?: Children from 6 to 12 years

Meet at 13.30 hrs. at Parkoers for an exciting TrashUre Hunt adventure in the park. TrashUre Hunters are the pirates, the treasure hunters. The ‘treasure’ consists of everything which doesn’t belong in nature. Tin cans, toy parts, balloons, plastic and french fry boxes do not belong in the park or on the street. All pirates who have taken part will get a treat at the end at Parkoers restaurant.

Join in on a different day?

In addition to these dates you can join in on the Keep it Clean Zuiderpark campaign anytime. Would you like to organise a clean-up campaign in Zuiderpark with your family, neighbours or friends? Send an email to Everybody participating will get a little gift..

Clean-up relay

The ‘Keep it Clean - Zuiderpark‘ campaign is part of The Hague clean-up relay. The clean-up relay is a series of activities, organised by the municipality, residents and partners in the city.  You can find more information at

Zuiderpark clean and beautiful. Will you help?
Zuiderpark clean and beautiful. Will you help?