Jewish moral restitution scheme to start on 1 January

Published: 29 December 2017Modified: 28 December 2017

The individual scheme for Jewish moral restitution will come into force on 1 January 2018. Until the end of 2018 Jewish private property owners in The Hague or their surviving relatives who paid street tax and ground rent after the war for the 1942-1945 period may submit a claim.

After the Second World War, the municipality imposed back taxes on private Jewish homeowners. They or their surviving relatives were obliged to pay ground rent and street tax for those years. This occurred despite the fact that their property had been appropriated by the German occupying force and they themselves were absent because they had been deported or had gone into hiding.

Moral restitution

The municipality is offering Jewish property owners or their surviving relatives who paid ground rent and street tax over the 1942 to 1945 period or one of these years the opportunity to claim individual moral restitution. The amount in guilders at the time will be adjusted to the current value. In total, € 2.6 million is available for this purpose.

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