International organisations provide The Hague with 40,000 jobs

Published: 16 July 2020Modified: 21 July 2020

The Hague’s economy continues to benefit from its status as International City of Peace and Justice. An economic impact survey again shows that international organisations play a stable and significant role in The Hague’s economy and that the sector is still growing. The 480 organisations together spend € 2.9 billion and provide 40,000 jobs. These findings were published in a report released in English on 15 July by the research institute Decisio.

Driving force for employment

The presence of international organisations in The Hague and region directly and indirectly generates 40,000 jobs. This reflects a slight growth since 2016. The Decisio report says that the presence of international organisations generates a total of 22,000 jobs in The Hague and 11% of employment is directly or indirectly related to the international organisations.

20,000 people are employed by international organisations based in The Hague and region. Of the employees at international organisations, 60% (12,250) are international employees and 40% (8,020) are Dutch employees. Spending by these organisations and their employees indirectly generates another 20,000 jobs, mainly in hotels, taxi companies, cleaning services and food services. The research shows that every job in an international organisation generates a job outside the sector.

More international organisations

The growth in the international non-profit sector based in The Hague region was due to the 5% increase in the number of international organisations, from 455 in 2016 to 480 in 2019. The sector consists of intergovernmental organisations, European organisations, NGOs, embassies and consulates, cultural and knowledge institutions, international schools and expat and service clubs.

International city accounts for billions

The total spending (turnover) of international organisations in The Hague and the region amounts to € 2.9 billion. Indirect spending by employees, visitors and suppliers of international organisations totals € 3.4 billion. As a result of their presence, the international organisations account for a total of almost € 6.3 billion in spending (production). These are direct and indirect expenditures which would not have been made if the international organisations had not been based here.

Stable sector

According to the report, the cluster of international organisations is not expected to shrink significantly in any economic crisis due to the coronavirus crisis. This is because the cluster of international organisations is relatively immune to economic trends. It is possible that over the next 3 years the sector will shrink slightly, but it will probably remain stable or show modest growth.

About the Decisio report

Decisio was commissioned by the Municipality of The Hague for the 6th time to study the economic contribution of the international non-profit sector based in The Hague and region. Thanks to the monitor’s consistent approach over 15 years, the statistics can be easily compared. This provides a reliable impression of the economic effect and its development.

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