International organisations provide The Hague with 38,500 jobs

Published: 12 September 2017Modified: 14 September 2017

The Hague continues to reap the benefits from its status as International City of Peace and Justice. The international organisations provide The Hague and region with a total of more than 38,500 jobs. Low-skilled employees also benefit from this. The international organisations account for € 5.8 billion in expenditures. These findings were published in a report released on 11 September by the consultancy Decisio on the economic impact of the international organisations in The Hague region.

Driving force for jobs

With 38,500 jobs the international organisations are a major driving force for jobs for The Hague and The Hague region. The economic impact of the international organisations even increased during the economic crisis. The Decisio report, commissioned by the Municipality of The Hague, says that 20,400 people in The Hague region work at international organisations, an increase of 4% over the last 3 years. Indirect spending by these staff members and organisations create an extra 18,100 jobs, mainly in small- and medium-sized companies.

The growth was due to the large increase in the number of international organisations, from 167 in 2005 to 455 at the end of 2016. Apart from embassies and diplomatic missions, these organisations also include European organisations, international organisations and UN organisations as well as knowledge institutes, NGOs and educational institutes.

The Hague is also developing a strong security cluster. Employment at the international organisations within this cluster has increased sharply, from 620 jobs in 2012 to nearly 800 jobs in 2016. The Hague Security Delta (HSD) is a significant player.

International city accounts for billions

The international organisations in The Hague region together spend an annual € 2.8 billion. This total expands to €5.8 billion when indirect spending by staff, guests and suppliers is included.

Future prognosis

In addition to facilitating growth at established organisations, the municipality is working to attract new organisations. By clustering the international organisations and expanding the presence of existing organisations in the International Zone, the municipality expects this area to continue to have an impact in the coming years.

Here you can read the full report (in Dutch):

Decisio report: Den Haag 'Internationale Stad van Vrede en Recht' - Economische impact internationale organisaties, NGO's, ambassades, internationale scholen en kennisinstellingen

Decisio report cover