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Infrared sensors for Madestein

Published: 7 November 2018Modified: 7 November 2018

Starting at the end of November 13 infrared sensors will gauge the movements of visitors in Madestein park. The municipality would like to learn more about how the park is being used now that the area is changing fast.

Madestein is 1 of the parks at the edge of the city. A lot is happening around Madestein, such as new building projects in neighbourhoods like Vroondaal. The municipality will gauge the use of the park a few times in the coming years with the aid of 13 infrared sensors.  

As of the end of November 2018 these sensors will gauge the ‘movements’  in the park. The municipality will look at which paths are used most frequently and which spots attract the most visitors.

Over the coming years the exercise will be repeated to get a good understanding of how Madestein is being used. The municipality will then be able to better adapt the park to the needs of walkers and cyclists.

Park Madestein
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