Information and Assistance Centres closing at 6 offices

Published: 7 December 2020Modified: 14 December 2020

The municipality is closing the Information and Assistance Centres at 6 city district offices. The Information and Assistance Centres will remain open at City Hall Spui and the Leyweg City Office.

Do you have questions or would you like assistance? Then you can go to the information desks at the Leyweg City Office or to The Hague Information Centre in City Hall.

Especially now that the corona measures are making it more difficult to get personal contact, it is important that everybody who has questions can be assisted easily and well.


The municipality opened the Information and Assistance Centres at 6 city district offices in July 2019 to be able to provide visitors with quick assistance. These centres had to close in March of this year due to the coronavirus epidemic. The municipality has now concluded that the Information and Assistance Centres were being used too little.

Assistance with online services

Do you have questions about municipal services? Would you like to make an appointment? Or do you need help with your online application form? Contact the emergency desk of the Municipal Contact Centre. You can contact the emergency desk of the Municipal Contact Centre by phoning or chatting with the call agents of 14 070. The call agents will assist you further and, if necessary, make an appointment for you.

Relaxation of coronavirus measures

There will still be enough municipal points left in other places in the city districts and neighbourhoods where you can ask for help. For example, (neighbourhood) libraries and the Servicepunten XL. They will resume their regular service again once the coronavirus measures have been eased. You will then again be able to make use of the computer workspaces. The possibilities for getting help and support will then be expanded again.

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