Housing Inspection Bureau checking homes in Laak

Published: 27 March 2018Modified: 27 March 2018

The Hague Housing Inspection Bureau (Haagse Pandbrigade) will inspect homes in the neighbourhood of Laak Centraal from the beginning of April until September 2018. Municipal officials will check who is living there and whether there is overdue maintenance. Laak Centraal is the area beween the Hollands Spoor train station and Rijswijk.

Staff of The Hague Housing Inspection Bureau will first make an observation of the property. They will examine the homes from the exterior, using a hydraulic arm if necessary. In the event of doubt or if bureau staff would like to see the back of the buildings, they will ring at the door. The goal of the inspections is to improve the quality of life and safety in the neighbourhood.

Laak Centraal

These are the streets where inspections are being conducted:

  • Jan van Beersstraat
  • Jan Wapstraat
  • Rodenbachstraat
  • Rosseelstraat
  • Van der Hoopstraat
  • Van Vlotenstraat
  • Van Zeggelenlaan
  • Withuysstraat

Help to make the neighbourhood liveable

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More information

The planning for the inspections can be found under Planning Haagse Pandbrigade in Laak Centraal.