Hildebrandplein: new design

Published: 18 March 2021Modified: 8 April 2021

The Hildebrandplein needs to be made safer and more transparent. This is why the municipality is drawing up a plan to redesign the intersection.

The Hildebrandplein is a busy intersection for cars, cyclists, pedestrians and public transportation. The intersection is located on one of the main routes for cars. Also 2 major star bike routes make use of the square. Pedestrians go through the intersection on their way to and from the Moerwijk train station. And a number of trams and buses also drive through the square.

How the Hildebrandplein should become

All road users will soon get more space on the square.

  • Cars will be able to pass through better.
  • The intersections will become transparent and safe for all road users.
  • More plants and trees will be planted around the square where possible.

    Your ideas for the new design are welcome

    The municipality would like to know what people in the surrounding neighbourhood and people who use the Hildebrandplein think is important. This is why residents, businesses and other users of the intersection will be invited to give their opinion on the square. The question is: what is already good and what can be better

    Afterwards the municipality will make an initial design together with a working group made up of residents and businesses and a design bureau. This is called a ‘draft design’. This design will then be discussed with neighbourhood residents so that everybody can see which ideas have been incorporated in the plan. The municipality will also check whether the design is feasible and whether there is enough money for it.

    Next steps and execution

    The Hague Municipal Executive first needs to agree on the draft design. Then it will be turned into a preliminary design. If the Municipal Executive and Municipal Council approve the preliminary design, the public will be invited to comment. The expectation is that the project can actually begin in 2024.

    More information (in Dutch)

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