Het Kleine Loo: new asphalt

Published: 6 September 2022Modified: 6 September 2022

Het Kleine Loo will get new asphalt between the Hofzichtlaan and the Reigersbergenweg. The only applies to 1 direction. The work will take place in 2 parts between 26 September and 4 November 2022.

The asphalt on Het Kleine Loo is in poor condition. This is why the municipality is carrying out this maintenance work.

Photo: Het Kleine Loo
Photo: Het Kleine Loo

What is going to happen

  • The contractor will remove the old asphalt and the paving stones from the parking spaces.
  • The parking spaces will get new paving stones.
  • The traffic lane will get new asphalt.


The work will take place in 2 phases:

Phase 1: 26 September to 17 October

Het Kleine Loo will be closed in 1 direction, from the Hofzichtlaan to Vlamenburg. The entrance to the parking deck of Winkelcentrum Mariahoeve will not be accessible via Het Kleine Loo. You will not be able to park on this section of Het Kleine Loo.

Phase 2: 18 October to 4 November

Het Kleine Loo will be closed in 1 direction, from the Vlamenburg to the Reigersbergenweg. You will not be able to park on this section of Het Kleine Loo.


      During the project there will be diversions for vehicular traffic. There will not be any diversions for cyclists, pedestrians and public transportation.

      Diversions for cars

      Cars will follow a diversion via the Hofzichtlaan, Bezuidenhoutseweg and Reigersbergenweg. Or via the Finnenburg and Reigersbergenweg.

      Winkelcentrum Mariahoeve will be accessible until Sunday, 17 October via the Hofzichtlaan, Diamanthorst, Kornalijnhorst, Ametisthorst and De Horst. Or via the Finnenburg, Reigersbergenweg, Robijnhorst, Ivoorhorst and Granaathorst.

      Diversions for Het Kleine Loo
      Diversions for Het Kleine Loo


      When the contractor is working in your street, you will temporarily not be able to park there. Do you have a disabled parking space? The municipality will offer you a temporary parking space (assigned to your number plate).


      Removing the old asphalt could result in excessive noise. The work will take place from 7.00 to 16.00 hrs.

      Emergency services

      Emergency service vehicles (ambulances, fire department and police) must be able to reach residents at all times during the project. Park your car only in the parking spaces. This way vehicles can get by in case of an emergency.


      The contractor will ensure that the work is carried out safely. Nevertheless work sites remain dangerous places. Keep children away.


      Do you have any questions or comments about the project? Send an email to the Ingenieursbureau Den Haag via Mention that your message is about the work on Het Kleine Loo. Or contact the municipality.