Help out with The Hague clean-up relay

Published: 3 August 2018Modified: 18 September 2018

Would you like to keep the city clean and tidy? Take part in The Hague clean-up relay (Haagse Opruimestafette). You were able to turn in oversized waste or reusable items in various city district in May and June. A new round will start in October with clean-up days in different neighbourhoods.

A clean and tidy city

The Hague clean-up relay is a series of activities being organised in all parts of The Hague together with city residents and partners. The activities are being organised in all parts of The Hague.

More and more people are pitching in to make the city clean and tidy. They think that it is a totally normal idea that we keep our surroundings and nature beautiful. Together they aim to launch a movement which will only become bigger. Will you join in?

Turn in old items during the clean-up days

Do you have items you’d like to get rid of? You can turn them in during the clean-up days being organised together with housing corporations, neighbourhood associations and second-hand stores. Items which can still be used will go to the second-hand stores and oversized waste will be picked up. You can recognise the pick-up spots from the Haagse Milieu Service containers and the 'Opruimestafette' banners.

You can drop off the following items at the pick-up points:

  • household goods
  • furniture
  • shelves
  • crates
  • boxes
  • large glass
  • old bicycles

It is not permitted to dispose of different types of domestic chemical waste and demolition waste during the clean-up relay. You can dispose of domestic chemical waste at 1 of the garbage and recycling stations, in the elektrobakken or at the shop where you purchased it. You can dispose of construction and demolition waste yourself or have it collected.

Clean-up days in October

Many people used the clean-up days in May and June to dispose of their old items. A new round of clean-up days is planned for October in various neighbourhoods.

Tip: Do you have items you would like to get rid of now? You can have oversized household waste picked up from your home for free. Contact the municipality for an appointment or make an appointment on the page Collection of oversized waste and garden waste. Many second-hand organisations in The Hague also pick up items for free.

More activities for a tidy street

In many neighbourhoods residents or neighbourhood associations are also organising small-scale clean-up campaigns. Examples include cleaning up street litter, providing information on separating waste and encouraging people to reduce the amount of bread or dog poop in public areas.

Crownies during the clean-up relay

The Crownies children will also take part in the clean-up activities. Children and young people between the ages of 8 and 23 years can register on the website of Crownies. If they participate in activities, they will earn Crownies points. They can save up these points for nice prizes.

TrashUre Hunt adventure

In September there will be activities for schools and after school care facilities for children aged 6 to 12 years. They will experience an exciting adventure organised by TrashUre Hunt. They will dress up as pirates and go looking for treasures which do not belong in nature. At the end they will make an artwork from the things they found.

Summer Challenge on the beach

In the summer TrashUre Hunt will be active on Scheveningen beach with the Summer Challenge. Go along on a walk and help rid the beach of its rubbish. This way you contribute to a clean beach and a better living environment. After the walk you can take part in fun workshops such as skateboarding, surfing or making music. Participation is free of charge.


From 21 June to 23 September, every day at low tide. Otherwise the rubbish will be carried out to sea again.


Scheveningen beach. Look for more information on the website of TrashUre Hunt.

Join in the Trashure Hunt
Join in the Trashure Hunt

Your ideas are welcome

Do you have an idea for a clean-up campaign in your neighbourhood. Contact the organisation by sending an email to:

Also see: Join the ‘Keep it Clean – Zuiderpark’ campaign