Hacking for a better world

Published: 20 November 2020Modified: 20 November 2020

During the 3rd ‘Hackathon for Good’ tech talents around the world are invited to hack for a better world. The hackathon will take place in The Hague in the weekend of 27, 28 and 29 November 2020.

Experts in artificial intelligence, big data and coding are challenged to develop data solutions to global social issues. They will work on challenges by Municipality of The Hague, the Police, EVE & The Hague Legal Tech Alliance.

The Hackathon for Good - The Hague is hosted by the Municipality of The Hague and organised by The Hague Tech. Each team will work on a data solution for 1 of the challenges. The total prize money is € 3,500.

Social goals

The real winners are the social goals. This year for example the police are looking for a technical solution to be able to better detect environmental crimes. The Municipality of The Hague would like to be able to research online how the city can benefit the most from shared mobility. Because fewer cars mean less CO2 emissions. And The Hague Legal Tech Alliance (THLTA), an initiative of the Municipality of The Hague and the law firm Pels Rijcken, is challenging the hackathon participants this year to work on ways to make legal documents available safely while protecting the privacy of those involved.

Why participate?

The Hackathon for Good works to find up-and-coming talent, to stimulate access to relevant data, to support progressive start-ups and to create new innovative and technological solutions for urgent challenges with a global impact.

For more information about the challenges or to register for the hackathon, go to the website of the Hackathon for Good.