Haagse Hout district would like to hear from you

Published: 13 February 2020Modified: 17 February 2020

Community builder Saskia de Vin will be available in the Haagse Hout city district with the BuurtBakkie until 1 May 2020. Do you have questions about the neighbourhood or district? Or would you just like a cup of tea or coffee? Then stop by.

It is becoming more and more important that the city has strong and flexible neighbourhoods. This means more than a clean, well-maintained and safe neighbourhood with good facilities. The municipality would like strongly unified neighbourhoods,  good networks and the dedication of residents in the neighbourhoods themselves. In order to achieve this, encounters with your ‘neighbours’ are essential.

Paying attention to each other

The municipality will use a camper to help neighbourhood residents get to know one another and pay attention to each other. The municipality will park the camper in certain areas in order to take the time for residents and also to get their time and attention in return.

Weekly contact

You will see the camper each week in the following neighbourhoods:

  • Mariahoeve: Isabellaland, Denenburg
  • Bezuidenhout: Pijnacker Hordijkstraat
  • Wijk Bezuidenhout-West


The planning can be found on the Facebook page of BuurtBakkie.

Would you also like the BuurtBakkie in your street?

Would you like the camper to be parked in your street or at your event? Call the municipality on tel. 06 - 50 03 04 19.

Watch the video (YouTube channel of the municipality) Actively working on a small scale with the neighbourhood