'Haags Samenspel': new action plan for better participation

Published: 11 January 2021Modified: 11 January 2021

The municipality is aiming to improve resident participation. In order to achieve this it has concocted the ‘Haags Samenspel’ (Hague Teamwork) plan. Read about the improvements in the plan.

There are many examples of resident participation in the city. Residents could submit their sustainability plans in the Energie uit de Wijk Challenge. In Houtwijk 1,779 residents voted on their favourite projects for sprucing up the neighbourhood. The municipality had a refurbishment budget for this.

Room for improvement

The interaction between residents and the municipality could be better. Residents indicated that there was room for improvement on the following points:

  • clear rules about how and what residents are allowed to decide on
  • clear expectations on what the municipality can and cannot do
  • more focus on what there already is in your neighbourhood and try to have these initiatives join forces
  • more clarity for resident initiatives in the city.

    The plans already contain a number of improvements. This includes a 'Participatiewinkel' (participation desk), where everybody can get advice on participating in neighbourhood initiatives. The Hague is also investigating the possibility of a 'Participatieboard' (participation board), a group of people with whom the municipal government can consult for solicited and unsolicited advice on the quality of resident participation.

    Short video about Haags Samenspel

    Watch the Haags Samenspel video (in Dutch) on the YouTube channel of the municipality

    More info about Haags Samenspel plan?

    Look at the Haags Samenspel memorandum which Municipal Executive submitted to the Municipal Council: Haags Samenspel (RIS306921).

    You will soon be able to read more about the projects and activities under the Haags Samenspel plan on this website.

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