Grote Markt, Boterstraat and Laan: roadworks

Published: 30 December 2019Modified: 30 December 2019

Work will be carried out on the Grote Markt and in the Boterstraat and Laan from January to mid-March 2020. The project will involve maintenance work on the sewage system and street paving.

The project will begin as of 6 January 2020 on the tram tunnel side of the Grote Marktstraat. This is what will happen:

  • All of the paving materials will be renewed (baked clinkers, kerbstone, sidewalks and roadway).
  • Once the street paving is removed, the sewer pipes will be replaced.
  • The municipality will replace the current gutter with a new gutter to drain the rainwater.  
  • The square will be raised due to the tree roots which are pushing up the paving.
  • The tree pits will be widened and given new steel grid profiles. The power supply will be moved underground.

    What does this mean for you?


    Parts of the sidewalks and roadway will be closed during the roadworks. Boardwalks will be put into place when the street is broken up.

    It will not be possible to park (on the Laan), also not for loading and unloading. Road signs will indicate where and when this is the case. The municipality will do everything it can to limit the amount of inconvenience.


    The municipality will do everything within its power to ensure safety during the project. Nevertheless work sites remain dangerous spots. You are advised to warn children about this danger and to keep them away from the work site.

    For residents

    The municipality asks you to:

    • park your car elsewhere
    • remove obstacles, such as bicycle and flower boxes
    • remove overhanging trees or plants

      Household waste

      The municipality will seal off the underground rubbish containers during the work on the Grote Markt. You will temporarily be able to dispose of your household waste in the aboveground rubbish containers. You can also take your oversized waste to this spot during the roadworks. Make sure to tell the municipality the right location.  

      You will also be able to take your wheelie bins to the designated spots. All of the rules about how to dispose of household waste and oversized waste can be found on the page Household rubbish.

      More information