Give your reaction to the permit applications for bonfires

Published: 5 November 2019Modified:

On 17 October the Municipal Council discussed the Dutch safety board report on the New Year’s bonfires and the plans for the upcoming New Year’s Eve. The Municipal Council decided then that a permit was needed from the municipality to build a bonfire. Three permit applications were submitted. Residents have until 20 November to react to these applications.

The agreements and plans for the bonfires between the municipality and organisers will be noted in the permit. This way it will be clear to everybody what the rules are and who is responsible for what. The plans will be discussed with the police, fire brigade and ambulance service. Their advice will weigh heavily in the decision on whether to grant the permit for the bonfires.  

Give your opinion on the plans

During the permit application procedure it will be possible for residents and businesses to react to the plans in writing. These reactions are welcome until 20 November. The announcements of the permit applications can be found at

The applications can be seen at the Centum district office (City Hall), Scheveningen district office and Escamp district office (Leyweg city office). See when you can stop by: City district offices: opening hours and locations.

The reactions submitted to the municipality will be taken into consideration when deciding whether to grant the permit for the bonfires, just as the advice from the police, fire brigade and ambulance service. The Municipal Council will take the final decision.

More information

More information can be found (in Dutch) under: Reactie geven op vergunningsaanvragen vreugdevuren mogelijk.