Get a demolition bonus for your diesel car

Published: 8 April 2021Modified: 8 April 2021

From 13 March to 31 August 2021 you can get a credit of € 1,000 from the municipality if you have your diesel car demolished. You can spend this credit on a cleaner vehicle. Examples include an electric bike or moped, public transportation or hiring a car in the car sharing scheme. Polluting diesel cars will no longer be allowed to drive into the downtown area as of 1 July 2021.

As of 1 July 2021 The Hague will get a low-emission zone for older diesel-powered passenger cars and vans. Diesel cars which produce high exhaust emissions will no longer be permitted in the low-emission zone. Bicycles, electric transportation and using public transportation all contribute to better air quality. And this in turn benefits the health of The Hague’s residents and visitors. This is the reason the municipality is offering a credit to have diesel cars demolished.

Check your number plate

Your diesel vehicle’s emissions standard determines whether you are allowed to drive in a low-emission zone. Vehicles with an emissions standard of 4 or higher are allowed in the low-emission zone. You can easily check your car’s emissions standard by entering your number plate on

Apply for credit and more information

For more information about how the demolition bonus works and the conditions and to apply for the credit, go to the pageSloopregeling voor dieselauto’s, brommers en snorfietsen (in Dutch)

You can read more about the low-emission zone on the page Milieuzone dieselauto's (in Dutch).