Free bag of compost during National Compost Day

Published: 15 March 2018Modified: 15 March 2018

Good news for everybody who wants to get his garden ready for the spring: residents of The Hague can pick up a free bag of compost at The Hague’s city farms on Saturday, 17 March during National Compost Day.

Valuable material

Compost is made from well-separated organic waste (GFT). By collecting the organic waste separately it can be turned into compost and reused as a ground fertiliser in parks and gardens.

Organic waste is collected at homes in various neighbourhoods in The Hague? Is organic waste not collected in your neighbourhood? You can also take it to the garbage and recycling station at Plutostraat 1. Or you can compost it yourself. Go to Separating waste: Organic waste (GFT). Or visit

Flower bulbs for violas

If you are planning to visit a city farm, bring your finished flower bulbs along. A basket of flower bulbs on the table brings a bit of spring into the house. Once the bulbs are finished blooming, they are often still good enough to use. The bulbs will be replanted around the city farm in the autumn so that everybody can enjoy your bulbs next year.

During the National Compost Day the first 50 people at each city farm will also get a tray of violas in exchange for turning in their flower bulbs.

Free compost

You can pick up a free bag of compost on Saturday, 17 March between 10.00 and 14.00 hrs. at the 10 city farms in The Hague. This offer is good while supplies last. 

Women picking up bags of compost by a city farm
Women picking up bags of compost by a city farm