Festivities around the Rotterdamsebaan

Published: 29 January 2021Modified: 26 February 2021

After 5 years of construction, it is time to celebrate at the Rotterdamsebaan. The Hague has gotten a major new access road, with the most sustainable tunnel in Europe: the Victory Boogie Woogie tunnel. There will be a festive live broadcast of the opening of the Rotterdamsebaan at 15.00 hrs. on Friday, 5 February.

Victory Boogie Woogie tunnel
Victory Boogie Woogie tunnel

Before the road opens to traffic, there are all kinds of fun things you can do online. There is a special website for this:

  • Look at videos of the construction of the Rotterdamsebaan. The construction of the new road was recorded in time lapse films and reports.
  • Listen to the stories of The Hague’s archaeologists about their 10 favourite finds and their memories of the field work around the Rotterdamsebaan.
  • Learn more about the work of the architects of the Rotterdamsebaan.
  • Look at the Rotterdamsebaan from close by and attend the virtual open day. The road is shown extensively using 360 degree photos all the way from the Ypenburg interchange to the Binckhorst. If you follow the road, you will learn more about the construction, sustainability and other interesting tidbits. Extra fun: you can take part in a contest until Sunday, 31 January 2021 and win a chance to be the first to drive on the Rotterdamsebaan.
  • Young artists from Rotterdam and The Hague will show their interpretation of the boogie woogie: Boogie Woogie NOW! A unique show with light art, music and spoken word.
  • There will be a festive live broadcast of the opening of the Rotterdamsebaan at 15.00 hrs. on Friday, 5 February 2021. Don’t miss it and raise your glass with us from home.

Rotterdamsebaan open to traffic

Following the festive broadcast on 5 February 2021 it will take another week for the Rotterdamsebaan to open to traffic. During these days:

  • the entire road will be checked 1 more time and cleaned
  • the tunnel operators will have time to become acquainted with their new working environment
  • the traffic lights at the intersection of the Mercuriusweg and Binckhorstlaan will be fine tuned
  • preparations will be taken to open the road

    The first vehicles will drive on the Rotterdamsebaan at the latest by 12 February 2021.

    Better dispersal of traffic

    The Rotterdamsebaan was constructed to ensure that The Hague and region remain well accessible now and in the future. The Rotterdamsebaan offers an additional access road to The Hague after the Utrechtsebaan (A12). The new route is especially meant to serve traffic from or to Rotterdam, Delft and Ypenburg.

    The roads around The Hague have now been extended as a result of the Rotterdamsebaan and there is more space for traffic. Traffic will now be better dispersed from and to the motorways and there will be less traffic on the Utrechtsebaan. You will notice this because there will be fewer traffic jams during peak hours.

    Route of Rotterdamsebaan

    The Rotterdamsebaan is 4 kilometres long and connects the A4/A13 motorways and the Centrumring in The Hague with each other. The road leads from the Ypenburg interchange through a tunnel under Voorburg and comes out at the Binckhorstlaan. There the road connects to the Centrumring at the Mercuriusweg. From Rijswijk or Ypenburg you can drive onto the Rotterdamsebaan via the Laan van Hoornwijck.

    Read about all the festivities at

    Watch the video Festivities around the Rotterdamsebaan (YouTube channel of the municipality)