Festivals in The Hague: getting there

Published: 4 September 2019Modified: 6 September 2019

A number of events will be organised in the city during the weekend of 5 to 8 September. The centre of The Hague and Scheveningen are expected to be busy. Take your bicycle or public transportation.

Getting to the Lange Voorhout

The Lange Voorhout will be closed to traffic from Thursday, 5 September to Sunday, 8 September for The Hague’s Cultural Weekend. There will be a number of events in the street on these days: Oh Oh Intro festival, Embassy Festival and Haags UIT Festival. The UIT Festival takes place on the Lange Voorhout and Plein. On the Lange Vijverberg you will find Le Marie Marché on 7 and 8 September.

You can best get to the centre of The Hague using public transport and your bicycle. Park your bicycle for free at Biesieklette Plein or Buitenhof.

Getting to Scheveningen

The Live on the Beach concert will be held at the Beach Stadium in Scheveningen on Friday, 6 September and Saturday, 7 September. The HTM will be operating extra trams. You can also take a shuttle bus from The Hague’s Central Station to Scheveningen. Are you coming by bike? You will find extra bicycle parking facilities on the Strandweg.

Strandweg closed to traffic

The Strandweg, between the Adriaan Maasplein and Vissershavenweg roundabout, will be (partially) closed to traffic:

  • From Thursday, 5 September at 15.00 hrs. to Sunday, 8 September at 9.00 hrs. the road will only be available to local traffic. Parking will not be permitted there.
  • The road will be closed to all traffic on Friday, 6 September and Saturday, 7 September from 15.00 hrs. to midnight.  


Are you nevertheless driving to Scheveningen? Try to park your car in 1 of the parking garages below. Many on-street parking spaces have a maximum duration of 1 hour.

  • Scheveningen Bad, Zwolsestraat 426

  • Nieuwe Parklaan, Nieuwe Parklaan 248

  • Kurhaus, Gevers Deynootplein 189

  • Havenkwartier, Dr. Lelykade 220

  • Zwarte Pad, Zwarte Pad

  • P+R Hoornwijck Den Haag. You can travel by public transport through The Hague’s city centre to Scheveningen​​. ​

    More information

    Would you like to know more about the events? Go to:

    UIT Festival Den Haag (photo: Wouter Vellekoop)
    UIT Festival Den Haag (photo: Wouter Vellekoop)