Erasmusweg closed as of 11 March

Published: 11 March 2019Modified: 11 March 2019

From 11 March until 26 August the Erasmusweg will be closed between the Loevesteinlaan and Erasmusplein (Moerweg). It will therefore become busier on other roads in the neighbourhood and on other main routes in the city. It can take an extra 15 to 30 minutes in travel time during peak hours. Take a look at how you can drive.

  • Follow the digital information signs along the way. These will always show the fastest route.
  • You will find a route map with the current travel times on
  • Heavy traffic is expected especially on the Melis Stokelaan.
  • Try to avoid this route and use the indicated diversions.
  • Avoid driving during peak hours.
  • Leave your car at home or use a Park + Ride, such as P+R Hoornwijck or P+R De Uithof.

Diversion routes

Through traffic will be diverted via the routes:

  • Lozerlaan, Escamplaan, Oude Haagweg and Loosduinseweg
  • Dedemsvaartweg, Meppelweg,Vreeswijkstraat and Troelstrakade
  • Schaapweg, Generaal Spoorlaan and Moerweg

The intersections at the Troelstrakade, Erasmusplein, Loevesteinlaan, Dedemsvaartweg and Beresteinlaan will remain open so that traffic can continue to cross here.

Pedestrians and cyclists (mopeds)

A route will remain for pedestrians on the closed part of the Erasmusweg. Cyclists will be diverted parallel to the Erasmusweg. This will lead to almost no extra travel time.

Public transport

Trams and buses will operate their normal routes.


You can use the ‘Erasmusweg’ app to see the current delays on your mobile telephone.

This app will also notify you if there are unexpected delays on the diversion routes. You can find the app in Google Play and soon in the App Store. This way you are always prepared in advance.

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