Energy-saving advice for residents of Laak Centraal

Published: 3 November 2022Modified: 3 November 2022

Do you live in Laak Centraal? And would you like to save energy? The Hague has a team of energy coaches. They are volunteers in the neighbourhood with knowledge about and experience in energy-saving measures. Energy coaches can help you save energy and money.

The energy coach will tell you which energy-saving measures are suitable for your home. And they know all about subsidies, information desks and offers from the municipality.

During the energy-savings campaign in Laak Centraal you can get help from the municipality. Help which you can use for measures to save energy in your house. Such as double glass, radiator foil, LED lamps or a new energy-efficient refrigerator.

Would you also like to save energy and could you use some advice and help? Make an appointment with the energy coach. Read more information at:

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