Energy Safari: what gives you energy?

Published: 29 January 2018Modified: 29 January 2018

Many people in The Hague are actively trying to make their house, business, street or neighbourhood more sustainable. Would you like to know how they are doing this? Take part in the Energy Safari on Saturday, 10 February. Visit a number of special locations in the city where sustainable energy is being generated.

    Solar panels in The Hague
    Solar panels in The Hague

    Energy Alliance

    The municipality is organising the Energy Safari to mark the official start of The Hague Energy Alliance on 2 February. The alliance (agreement) is a partnership between energy producers, grid operator, housing corporations, residents associations and the municipality. The aim of the partners is to make all of the city’s buildings climate neutral as fast as possible. One of the most important criteria is to come up with a joint neighbourhood approach to make the power supply as sustainable as possible.

    Many people already active

    Luckily many people in The Hague are already taking action. For example, they are insulating their house, buying green power or installing solar panels on the roof of their house or office. These kinds of initiatives are good. But to provide the entire city with renewable energy, things need to move more quickly. This is why the municipality formed The Hague Energy Alliance with partners. The energy producers, grid operators, housing corporations and residents associations are working together to make The Hague climate neutral more quickly.

    Would you like to participate?

    Every organisation, neighbourhood initiative or start-up which would like to contribute to a climate neutral The Hague can participate. Send an email to if you would like to get information about the Energy Alliance.

    Energy Safari

    During the Energy Safari you can visit a number of special locations in the city where renewable energy is being generated. The locations are open from 12.00 to 17.00 hrs. on Saturday, 10 February. Admission is free of charge.

    Look at all the locations you can visit during the Energy Safari.