Duinoord and Scheveningen-Dorp get started with wijkagenda

Published: 6 January 2022Modified: 10 January 2022

The neighbourhoods of Duinoord and Scheveningen-Dorp in the Scheveningen district have had their own wijkagenda (neighbourhood programme) since November 2021.

The wijkagenda contains the most important areas of improvement for the neighbourhood. Residents, businesses, neighbourhood organisations and the municipality have decided on these areas of improvement together. They will also carry out the wijkagenda together over the coming 4 years.

Wijkagenda for Duinoord

More than 800 people living or working in the neighbourhood filled in a questionnaire to see which issues they think are important. Residents indicated that they were very satisfied with their neighbourhood. Duinoord received an 8.4 on a scale of 1 to 10. There are now 7 themes which should make the neighbourhood even better:

  • social cohesion
  • a clean neighbourhood
  • traffic
  • shopping streets
  • sustainability
  • greenery
  • playgrounds

The wijkagenda is also in English because there are many internationals (expats) living in the neighbourhood. These people come from abroad but are living and working here. Improving the contact between Dutch residents and internationals is also an issue in the wijkagenda.

Presentation of the wijkagenda for Duinoord to Deputy Mayor Anne Mulder
Presentation of the wijkagenda for Duinoord to Deputy Mayor Anne Mulder

Follow-up steps

For each issue in Duinoord working groups have been set up with different action points. Some action points are already ready. For example, since 16 November 2021 speed cameras are in place on the Waldeck Pyrmontkade and Koningin Emmakade by the Sweelinckplein. A ‘kenniscafé’ was also organised on 16 December 2021 by Duurzaam Duinoord on sustainability.

Wijkagenda for Scheveningen-Dorp

People living or working in the neighbourhood of Scheveningen-Dorp also filled in the questionnaire. There were 550 participants. These residents are also satisified with their neighbourhood. Scheveningen-Dorp received a 7.6 on a scale of 1 to 10. Residents are proud of the village character of the neighbourhood.  

There are also aspects where residents see room for improvement. Often they have to do with nuisance. There are problems with nuisance and parking particularly in the summer. Dog poop in public areas is a source of irritation for residents. There are 4 issues on the wijkagenda in Scheveningen-Dorp:

  • civic participation and information
  • a clean and green neighbourhood
  • shopping area
  • health and well-being

    Look at the wijkagenda for Scheveningen-Dorp 2021 - 2024.

    Follow-up steps

    For each issue there are 3 to 4 action points. The neighbourhood will carry these out together the coming 4 years through various organisations:

    • residents
    • Wijkoverleg Scheveningen-Dorp
    • Lief & Leed Den Haag
    • Vereniging BIZ Keizerstraat
    • Vereniging BIZ Badhuisstraat
    • Welzijn Scheveningen
    • the municipality

    Examples of action points include combating dog poop in the public space. And ideas for improving the storage and drainage of rainwater in the Keizerstraat.

    Would you like to help?

    Would you like to help tackle the issues in the wijkagenda? Send an email to