Dive into the Week of our Water

Published: 8 May 2018Modified: 8 May 2018

During the Week of our Water from 5 to 13 May you can see where the municipality is working on clean and healthy water in your neighbourhood. And you can see what is being done to prevent flooding.

Sand Motor

You can:

  • Look inside a sewage pumping station
  • Discover how you use water to heat a shopping centre
  • Go for a jog or walk over the Sand Motor
  • Take part in a water scavenger hunt through the dunes
  • There is plenty for children to discover and to do.

Cycling past water points

There are 9 bicycle routes in Delfland past special water points, including a route for The Hague. This route takes you from the deepest polders to the tops of the dunes. 

For the routes go to the App Store or Google Play. Download the free app BeleefRoutes. From the overview you can download one or more of the ‘Volg de waterketen’ routes, for example the one for The Hague.

Water in the polders

Week of our Water

Look at all the activities from Saturday, 5 May to Sunday, 13 May on the website The Week of our Water is a national event and the municipality is a partner.