Dead fish due to flooding

Published: 1 June 2018Modified: 1 June 2018

Dead fish have been found floating in ponds and other still-standing water over the last few days. This is due to heavy rainfall spells. Do not touch the fish and do not go into the water. The municipality is working to remove the dead fish.

Because the sewer pipes are unable to handle the enormous volume of rain, there is a chance that the sewers will overflow into the surface water (ditches and ponds). This is detrimental to the water quality: the water becomes depleted of oxygen and this has an adverse effect onwater life. The rainfall can also wash away oil from the street into ditches, also reducing the quality of the water.

Unfortunately you may still see dead fish in the coming days until the oxygen levels return to normal. Additional heavy storms are expected, increasing the chance of new contaminations. Enforcers from the Delfland Water Authority will assess the water quality and decide which measures are needed.

Submitting a report

  • You can report dead fish to the Delfland Water Authority by phoning tel. (015) 260 81 08.
  • You can report flooding to the municipality by phoning Telephone number 14070.
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