De Mient: new design

Published: 29 October 2019Modified: 29 October 2019

The municipality is working to make The Hague a safe and attractive city to live in. This is why the municipality is redesigning parts of De Mient, Abrikozenstraat, Appelstraat and Albardastraat. Additional parking spots will be created in this area. The speed limit will be 30 kilometres per hour in portions of the streets. The area will also be made greener.

Walk-in meeting

A walk-in meeting for the neighbourhood will be held on Tuesday, 5 November. You can look at the preliminary design during this meeting. You can also ask municipal staff your questions.

  • Date: Tuesday, 5 November 2019
  • Time: Between 17.30 and 20.00 hrs.
  • Location: NVA, Mient 273D

This is what will happen

  • An additional 70 parking spaces will be created.
  • The shopping area in the short portion of the Appelstraat will be made safer. The maximum speed limit will be lowered to 30 kilometres per hour, just as in the rest of the Appelstraat. Parking will be made safer by redesigning the parking spaces.
  • The maximum speed limit will also be lowered in the Albardastraat so that it corresponds with the speeds limit in the Appelstraat and the Notenbuurt, where the speed limit is already 30 kilometres an hour.
  • Additional parking spaces will be created around the Thorbeckelaan-Appelstraat-Albardastraat intersection. There will also be extra parking spots along De Mient, Laan van Eik en Duinen, the Abrikozenstraat and Ananasstraat.
  • The municipality would like to keep as many existing trees as possible in this area. This is unfortunately not always possible. Sometimes this is due to the poor state of the trees. Trees also have to be removed in order to be able to replace the aging sewer pipes. In addition space is needed for bus stops and safe crosswalks for pedestrians. Because of this certain trees need to be removed. The municipality will plant a new tree in the neighbourhood for every tree which is cut down. This way the number of trees remains constant.
  • The green area on the Mient, along the Eik en Duinen cemetary, will be fixed up and planted as an econological zone.
  • Residents would like more green in the area. This is why the wide pavement on the house side between the Kornoeljestraat and the Laan van Eik en Duinen will get extra green areas.
  • The sewer pipes will be replaced in the Mient, Appelstraat and Albardastraat because they are outdated.
  • Most of the old street lamps will be replaced by new ones.
Impression of the Appelstraat after the work has been completed
Impression of the Appelstraat after the work has been completed

Public comments on preliminary draft design

You have until Sunday, 8 December 2019 to formally comment on the plans. You can view all of the documents at The Hague Information Centre on Spui 70. The information centre is open from Monday to Friday from 9.00 to 16.00 hrs. You can also find the documents in the official documents system (RIS303665).

The public can send comments to

You can also send your comments by post (no postage necessary):

College van burgemeester en wethouders

Zienswijze herinrichting Mient en omgeving

Antwoordnummer 1790

2501 VC Den Haag


The municipality will assess the comments and suggestions which it receives. If these comments improve the preliminary design, they will be communicated to the Municipal Executive. The Municipal Council will probably take a decision on the preliminary design in December 2019. After this decision the preliminary design will be turned into a definitive design. Work will begin once the Municipal Council approves the project.