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Coronavirus in The Hague

Published: 26 March 2020Modified: 3 April 2020

Measures are in effect in the Netherlands to contain the spread of the coronavirus. These measures are also having an impact on the Municipality of The Hague. This page will be updated regularly.

The municipality will strive to continue its regular services as much as possible. The municipality will provide updates on what the developments mean for The Hague, as needed.

Friday, 3 April 15.15 hrs.

Information in other languages

The municipality is publishing the most important information about the coronavirus on the Dutch websiteEnglish website and French website. You can also download information in Chinese, Bulgarian and Romanian. Look for an overview on the page Coronavirus: questions and answers.

Friday, 3 April 13.00 hrs.

Parking restrictions by forests and beach and beach and holiday bungalows closed

The Haaglanden security region (VRH) will continue to reprimand and if necessary fine people who are not abiding by the rules. 'Luckily we see that the large majority of the people understand: they are staying home, are only going outside to do the necessary shopping, are heeding the safe distance of 1.5 metres and are limiting their movements to a walk around the block,’ said VRH deputy chairman and acting mayor Johan Remkes. 'This situation is demanding a lot from all of us. This is why it is unacceptable if a few people spoil it for the rest of us. This will not be tolerated.’
Additional rules for The Hague region:

  • Large parking facilities nearby beaches, parks and recreational areas will be closed.
  • The use of beach and holiday bungalows for recreation and for short-term holiday rentals is not permitted.
  • Shared toilet and shower facilities will be shut down at and by campsites and recreation parks.

More information can be found on the website of the VRH.

Thursday, 2 April 16.55 hrs.

Relaxation of ID requirement for medical care

In order to get medical treatment, you must show a valid form of identification to the health care provider. For example, in the hospital or at the dentist. The identification requirement for medical care applies to everybody, including children under the age of 14 years.

The Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport has indicated that health care facilities are allowed to accept expired identity documents while the coronavirus is still prevalent. Read more about this on the website of the Rijksoverheid (in Dutch).

Tuesday, 31 March 19.00 hrs.

The measures to combat the coronavirus in the Netherlands will be extended until at least 28 April. The municipality will be following all of the national guidelines. Read more on the website of the Dutch government

Thursday, 26 March 18.05 hrs.

New emergency decree

The deputy chairman of the Haaglanden security region, Johan Remkes, pronounced a new emergency decree on Thursday, 26 March 2020. It incorporates the measures announced by the Dutch government on 23 March to limit the impact of the coronavirus. This emergency decree allows the municipality to enforce the instructions of the Dutch government. Read the complete press release and the emergency decree of the Haaglanden security region on (in Dutch).

Smaller Haagse Foodmarkt (HFM) to open doors as of Friday 9.00 hrs.

A temporary and much smaller market called the Haagse Foodmarkt (HFM) will start up at the Haagse Markt on Friday, 27 March. The market will be open on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday from 9.00 to 17.00 hrs. The market vendors are only allowed to sell food items.

The municipality will make sure the market meets the guidelines of the National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM). People will have to follow a mandatory 1-way walking route and they will be regulated at the entrance. A limited number of visitors will be admitted inside at one time in order to prevent the market from becoming overcrowded. The market stalls will be separated with space in between. Supervisors will make sure that people keep a 1.5 metre distance from each other.

There will also be a local business counter at the HFM. Businesses can visit the counter with questions and concerns about the measures taken due to the coronavirus.

You can read more information in the press release (in Dutch).

Thursday, 26 March 16.40 hrs.

1 central telephone number for vulnerable residents

Are you experiencing difficulties in the area of care and well-being due to corona? Or do you have concerns? Then you can call tel. (070) 205 30 03 for all questions and requests for help or just good advice. The telephone number is available from Monday to Friday from 9.00 to 21.00 hrs. and in the weekend from 10.00 to 16.00 hrs.

The telephone number was set up by the welfare organisations, partners in the neighbourhood and the municipality. Examples of what you can ask questions about

  • food shopping and affordable meals
  • gloomy thoughts you are getting because of loneliness
  • corona and upbringing

Apart from the telephone number you can also use the chat button on Are you already receiving support? Then you can also call or email your usual contact person.

Wednesday, 25 March 15.30 hrs.

Haagse Markt closed

The Haagse Markt will be closed effective immediately. In the coming days the municipality will examine whether it can find a solution to the market’s role as a food supplier. Access to the market will be limited and enforcement will be stringent.

Wednesday, 25 March 8.50 hrs.

The Hague launches website to support families

The municipality has created a special website to help families during the corona crisis. The Dutch-language website will offer you information and inspiration on the following topics:

  • Preventing and dealing with tensions at home
  • Guidance for parents
  • Tips for a healthy lifestyle
  • Avoiding the negative consequences of being a couch potato, playing computer games and spending hours on the computer
  • Doing creative activities with your children

Go to the website Gezin en Corona (in Dutch).

Tuesday, 24 March 18.15 hrs.

Heavy traffic on the website

The municipality is seeing that many residents are arranging their affairs on Unfortunately the website, and particularly the online forms, are sometimes running slow. If you that the website is slow and you would like to fill in a form, please wait and try again later. This helps us to ensure that the necessary digital services can continue.

Different opening hours for city office buildings

The buildings of the City Hall Spui and Leyweg City Office will close at 17.30 hrs. On the days the municipal counters are open in the evenings they will close at 21.00 hrs. Look for more information on the page City district offices: opening hours and locations.

Sunday, 22 March 17.40 hrs. 

Municipality issues emergency advisory not to go to woods or beach 

Also not to go to other places where it could be busy. This advisory is to prevent large groups of people from forming and to enable people to keep enough distance from each other. A distance of 1.5 metres is the standard distance. This way residents of The Hague limit the health risks. 

Saturday, 21 March 18.33 hrs. 

Help out at homeless shelters  

Would you like to do something for others as a volunteer? Due to the coronavirus as many homeless people as possible in The Hague are being placed in shelters 24 hours a day. This means more support is needed. Therefore an urgent appeal to all residents of The Hague: please help. Extra help is needed to provide meals, light care or just to keep people company. There is also a big need for volunteers with a nursing background.

You can read more information in the press release (in Dutch).

Saturday, 21 March 11.40 hrs. 

Garbage and recycling stations too busy 

The municipality has noticed that many people are busy cleaning up their homes. A large amount of waste was brought this morning to the municipality's garbage and recycling stations. It is busier there than usual. There are even queues to enter. Please take your waste to the garbage and recycling station only if it is really necessary. This is because you need to keep a distance of 1.5 metres from other people due to the coronavirus.

Friday, 20 March 20.50 hrs. 

Changes in service at municipal counters 

In order to better protect visitors and municipal employees against the coronavirus, there are a number of changes:

  • As of Monday, 23 March there are different opening hours for the municipal counters in the Leyweg City Office and City Hall Spui. They will be open 1 evening a week instead of 2 evenings.

  • As of Monday, 23 March all Information and Assistance Centres in the city district offices will be closed.

The municipality has also decided that for the time being it will not be possible to make an appointment at the municipality online. You will be able to make an appointment by phoning tel. 14070.

More information can be found under Coronavirus: changes to municipal services.

Friday, 20 March 20.35 hrs. 

Municipal Executive takes measures to support the city 

Since the outbreak of the coronavirus the municipality has been working to limit the consequences of the virus. Caring for its people is of utmost importance. The Municipal Executive is sending an overview of the measures it has taken to the Municipal Council today. This includes education, social programmes, the foodbank and youth welfare/WMO.

In addition, the Municipal Executive announced that parking will temporarily be free for healthcare workers and caregivers will automatically get 50 extra hours of free parking credit. Measures for the local economy will also be announced. These measures include a supplementary support package in order to help SMEs and employees get through the crisis. Deputy Mayor Saskia Bruines wrote a letter, which you can read on Twitter

Read more about the Municipal Executive letter in the press release (in Dutch).    

Friday, 20 March 17.45 hrs. 

Municipality of The Hague thanking crucial professions and residents  

The Municipality of The Hague thanks the city residents who are working day and night to limit the consequences of the coronavirus. Under the hashtag #samenkunnenweditaan appreciation will be shown to city residents in crucial professions, including on the digital advertising signs. Healthcare professionals, teachers, garbage collectors and stock clerks are working around the clock to keep The Hague health, safe and liveable.

Friday, 20 March 13.00 hrs.

Record online teaching materials in the Central Library

The municipality is offering teachers in The Hague’s schools the possibility to record online teaching materials in the studio of the Central Library. They can shoot short instructional videos which the school can provide to the pupils/students on YouTube or other channels. The municipality will provide professional technical support and can give editing assistance as well.

For more information or to make an appointment contact the library at or call (070) 353 22 99.

Thursday, 19 March 18.40 hrs.

Markets staying open

The outdoor markets in the Haaglanden security region (VRH) will continue to operate as much as possible. As they offer a selection of often relatively inexpensive and fresh food products in an outdoor setting, the markets are an important part of the retail mix in this period. However, the markets will be continuously monitored to ensure that not too many people visit them at the same time and that shoppers keep at a sufficient distance from one another. The market vendors can also help out here by not allowing more than just a handful of customers to wait at the stand at the same moment.  

The municipalities will place signs and sometimes multilingual posters at the entrance to their outdoor markets. Visitors will be called upon to safeguard their health as well as the health of others. In this way the markets can remain open. However, if people do not obey the guidelines, this decision can be reversed.

Thursday, 19 March 8.55 hrs.

Computers for schoolchildren at Stichting Leergeld

Schoolchildren who are stuck at home without a laptop or computer can apply for a computer with an Ooievaarspas at Stichting Leergeld. This can be done if the school is unable to arrange one for them. The computers enable schoolchildren to continue receiving instruction through distance learning.

More information can be found on the website of Stichting Leergeld.

Wednesday, 18 March 11.55 hrs.

Apply for supermarket vouchers at Voedselbank Haaglanden

Customers of the Voedselbank Haaglanden (Foodbank for The Hague, Zoetermeer and Rijswijk) will get a supermarket voucher instead of a food package until 6 April 2020. This measure was taken today after the Voedselbank took the difficult decision to close until at least 6 April 2020. The Voedselbank is working on a long-term structural solution. The supermarket voucher will be given to customers of the Voedselbank Haaglanden at the usual times and distribution points.

Look for more information on the website of Voedselbank Haaglanden.

Tuesday, 17 March 19.50 hrs.

Homeless shelters

The municipality has opened 2 extra homeless shelters together with the Kessler Stichting, Leger des Heils and Rode Kruis in order to minimise the spread of the coronavirus. Both locations are open 24-hours a day. Shelter will be offered to limited groups. A hotel has been designated as a shelter. People with health problems will be placed in a separate shelter. People who have just become homeless are advised to contact the municipality’s Daklozenloket.

Centre for Children and Families (CJG)

The youth healthcare agency will limit its contact for children 14 months and older. Doctors and nurses at CJG Den Haag are now urgently needed to assist at The Hague’s Public Health Department GGD Haaglanden and to provide care for babies. The following appointments will still take place at the Centrum Jeugd en Gezin: maternal whooping cough (22 week shot for pregnant women), hearing test for newborn babies, 4-week consultation (1st visit for newborn babies to the paediatrician) and all vaccinations for children up to and including the 14-month shot (MMR vaccine). More information at

Tuesday, 17 March 19.15 hrs.

Reaction of Deputy Mayor Saskia Bruines to emergency economic measures

'The measures to combat the coronavirus are having an enormous impact on our social life and are hitting The Hague’s local economy hard. As we all can see in the city and read in the media, many businesses in The Hague are experiencing an economic fall-out from these necessary measures. From small family businesses to self-employed people, from start-ups and SMEs to large businesses, and from the hospitality industry to the tourist sector. These are tough times for everybody. It is laudable that the cabinet has come up with emergency measures to help the economy by helping freelancers and people on zero hour or call-out contracts more quickly with financial support, by extending short-time working hours, by expanding the credit guarantee scheme for small and medium-sized firms and by allowing restaurants to have meals taken out and delivered.
In The Hague we are also looking at what is needed to get The Hague’s economy back on track. We are in continuous talks with economic partners in the city and region to get a good grasp on the situation and to keep one another informed of new developments. Many people are approaching the municipality with ideas and suggestions. The Municipal Executive will soon make an announcement about any other local measures.’

More information for businesses in The Hague can be found on the page Coronavirus: information for businesses. Information in English can be found on

Tuesday, 17 March 15.45 hrs.


No more than 30 people may attend funeral ceremonies in funeral homes, crematoriums and cemeteries. The same measures are in effect for condolence calls until 6 April 2020. All ceremonies will be held without food and drinks. Visitors and family members are asked to keep a distance of 1.5 metres from one another. For more information about funeral arrangements and condolence visits go to the  website of the RIVM.

Biesieklette bicycle parking facilities

The bicycle parking facility in the Anna van Buerenstraat at The Hague’s Central Station will remain open. The public facilities at the Grote Markt, Kranestraat, Nobelstraat, Raamstraat and City Hall have different hours of operation. The other indoor bicycle parking facilities are closed. The outdoor facilities are open but they will be unguarded. For more information go to

Tuesday, 17 March 14.25 hrs.


The auctions at the Pandhuis in March and May have been cancelled. More information can be found in Dutch on the page Veilingen bij het Pandhuis.

Monday, 16 March 23.00 hrs.

Emergency decree for Haaglanden region

The Haaglanden security region has enacted an emergency decree to contain the spread of the coronavirus. The decree states that it is prohibited to hold events in the region with more than 100 people. It also states that schools and childcare centres will remain closed until 6 April. This ban extends to eating and drinking establishments, sports clubs, sex clubs/brothels and coffeeshops. Ignoring this ban is considered a punishable offence. It can result in a fine of € 10,000 or higher. The police will take action as needed.

For the complete emergency decree (in Dutch):  Brief plv. voorzitter Veiligheidsregio Haaglanden inzake Noodverordening Coronavirus (RIS304966)

Monday, 16 March 18.10 hrs.

City farms

All of The Hague’s city farms are closed to visitors until 6 April. The municipality took this decision in the interest of the health of the visitors as well as the people caring for the animals. This means that all activities planned at the city farms will be cancelled.

Overview of changes to services

You can find an overview of the municipal services which have changed their hours of operation on the page Coronavirus: changes to municipal services. The page will be updated regularly as needed. ​

Monday, 16 March 12.55 hrs.

Collection of household waste

Your household waste will be collected by the Haagse Milieu Services (HMS) in the usual way.

You can take oversized waste, large garden waste and construction and demolition waste to a garbage and recycling station. These are open from Monday to Saturday from 8.30 to 17.00 hrs. 

Are you unable to dispose of your oversized household waste or garden waste yourself? Make a free appointment to have your oversized waste collected. You can pay to have construction and demolition waste collected. You need to make a separate appointment for this.

Sunday, 15 March 20.15 hrs.

On Sunday, 15 March the Dutch cabinet adopted additional measures to tackle the coronavirus. The measures are:

  • Schools and childcare centres will close as of Monday, 16 March to Monday, 6 April. This affects primary schools, secondary schools and vocational schools.
  • Childcare will be arranged in schools and childcare facilities for children whose parents are working in the health care sector, police, public transportation and fire brigade so that their parents can continue working. This care will be available at no extra cost. Look at the list of essential professions (in Dutch).
  • Teachers will organise distance learning for children staying at home, with priority being given to secondary school students taking their exams and vocational students.
  • All eating and drinking establishments will close from Sunday, 15 March at 18.00 hrs. until Monday, 6 April.  
  • Sport and fitness clubs, saunas, sex clubs/brothels and coffeeshops will close as of Sunday, 15 March at 18.00 hrs. until Monday, 6 April.
  • Everybody in the Netherlands is requested to keep a distance of 1.5 metres from each another where possible. Also when doing grocery shopping.
  • All measures which were taken previously will be extended until Monday, 6 April.  

Deputy Mayor Boudewijn Revis had this to say about the measures which will impact businesses in The Hague: 'I see that many business owners immediately took their own responsibility for the situation. This fits in with the social responsibility we all share to contain the effects of this virus.’

Sunday, 15 March 17.55 hrs.

Instructions for municipal staff

For people visiting the municipality it is good to know that the municipality has instructed its staff to follow national guidelines: wash your hands regularly, cough and sneeze into the crook of your elbow, use paper tissues, do not shake hands, keep a distance from others, stay at home if you get (mild) symptoms of a cold.

Stay at home if you have a cold

If municipal employees working at a counter or in a meeting/consultation room observe that a visitor has a cold, they will indicate that they will stop the conversation. They will ask you to return at a later date.

Public spaces

No more than 100 people may be in the space around the municipal counters. The security staff of the municipality will keep count of people entering and will take measures as needed.

Home visits

Municipal staff members who make home visits where they offer assistance to residents will first telephone and as if anybody has a cold. The appointment will be rescheduled in the event of any uncertainty.

Friday, 13 March 20.15 hrs.

Deputy Mayor Boudewijn Revis informed all residents of The Hague about the coronavirus on Friday, 13 March in an open letter.

Changes to services

Due to the new measures announced by the Dutch cabinet on Thursday, 12 March, the municipality has adapted its services in order to protect its customers, visitors and staff and to prevent the coronavirus (COVID-19) from spreading further. 

Sporting facilities

All sports halls, swimming pools and outdoor sporting facilities are closed until 28 April.


The municipality will follow the guidelines for retail shops and the food supply. This means that the markets are open so that everybody can purchase foodstuffs. The municipality will leave it up to individual market vendors whether they choose to be open or not.

Thursday, 12 March

The Hague will follow the national guidelines:

  • Everybody in the Netherlands: stay home if you are experiencing fever and respiratory issues such as coughing, nasal congestion, sore throat or pneumonia. Avoid social contact. Call your general practitioner (GP) if the symptoms get worse.
  • Gatherings of more than 100 people will be cancelled throughout the Netherlands. This will also apply to public venues such as museums, concert halls, theatres, sport clubs and sporting events.
  • People throughout the Netherlands are being asked to work from home as much as possible or to stagger your working hours.
  • For more vulnerable people (elderly and people with underlying health problems): avoid large gatherings of people and public transportation. People are urgently requested to limit their visits to more vulnerable members of society.   

Additional measures:

    • For medical staff and people in essential professions: there are many demands being placed on you. Stay home if you are feeling ill and have fever. Talk with your employer. And also: do not travel abroad.
    • Universities and colleges are being asked to offer classes online rather than to give lectures to large groups of students.  
    • Primary, secondary and vocational schools and childcare facilities will remain open as usual.
    • As of Thursday, 12 March this information will be supplemented on the website of the Government of the Netherlands. You will also find questions and answers about these new measures.  

    More information

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