City farms: deposit glass in the container!

Published: 29 March 2018Modified: 5 April 2018

The city farms in the Segbroek, Loosduinen and Haagse Hout city districts are calling extra attention to the glass containers. A lot of glass ends up in regular household waste. This is a pity because glass is 100% recyclable. Are you also putting your glass in the container?

A lot of glass is taken together with the regular household rubbish to the waste incinerators and is therefore not being reused. You are allowed to throw glass along with bottle caps, lids and food and drink residue in the glass container. And because the glass is 100% recyclable, 100 kg of glass will become 100 kg of new glass.

To make it easy for you the Gagelhoeve (Segbroek), Reigershof (Haagse Hout) and Kakelhof (Loosduinen) city farms have created maps with the locations of the glass containers in their neighbourhood:

Gagelhoeve city farm in Segbroek

Glasbakken rond stadsboerderij Gagelhoeve

Reigershof city farm in Haagse Hout

Glasbakken rond stadsboerderij Reigershof

Kakelhof city farm in Loosduinen

Glasbakken rond stadsboerderij Kakelhof
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