The Hague - Changes to parking in 2019


Changes to parking in 2019

Published: 20 December 2018Modified: 20 December 2018

The parking rates and the parking policy in The Hague will change in 2019. Look at the most important changes.

Do you live in a neighbourhood with paid parking? Then a few things are going to change. The changes for parking permit holders will take effect when you  apply for or extend your parking permit.

Parking permits more expensive

Most of the parking permits will become more expensive in 2019. This was decided by the coalition partners in the coalition agreement.

  • The 1st parking permit for residents at an address is going to cost € 60 per year. In 2018 it cost € 37.20.

  • Additional permits will cost € 270 per year. In 2018 they cost € 216.60.

  • The rates for nearly all of the other parking permits will increase by 3.25%. The parking permit for caregivers will remain free.

  • When you apply for a permit you will pay a one-time fee of € 14.05 in 2019. In 2018 this fee was € 13.60.

    More hours for visitors

    Do you have a parking permit for visitors? Then you will get 20% more parking hours per year in 2019.

    Purchasing extra hours cheaper

    Yoiu can purchase extra hours for less money in 2019. Do you have a parking permit for visitors or caregivers and have you used up your credit? Then you can purchase 50 extra hours each year. In 2019 extra parking credit of 50 hours costs € 50. In 2018 it was € 75.

    Street parking to be more expensive

    The rate for on-street parking will go up on 1 January 2019. In part of the centre you will pay € 4.50 to park for 1 hour. The municipality would like to encourage visitors to park their cars in the parking garages. This way the parking spaces on the street will remain available to residents living in the centre.

    Parking at Haagse Markt

    As of 1 January 2019 you can again park around the Haagse Markt for free on days when the market is not open. Parking is free on Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday between 9.00 and 18.00 hrs. The other times for paid parking will remain the same. Also see: Paid parking around Haagse Markt.

    Parking affairs on MijnDenHaag

    In MijnDenHaag ( you can consult your personal parking file and arrange a number of parking affairs, including:

    • look at registration and PIN code for visitor’s parking permit

    • report a change in number plate

    • arrange direct debit

    • end parking permit

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