Changes to parking in 2018

Published: 22 December 2017Modified: 16 February 2018

A number of rules and procedures will change in 2018 for residents of The Hague with a parking permit or who would like to apply for a parking permit. Read the overview of the changes and see what they mean for you.

No more transfer slip

Do you pay for your parking permit using an acceptgiro payment transfer slip? As of 2018 you will no longer receive the acceptgiro. You will get a request for payment to extend your parking permit. The request will contain details about the account number you can use to transfer the money for your permit.

Payment deducted in 1 instalment

Do you pay for your parking permit using a direct debit? As of 2018 it will no longer be possible to pay in 2 instalments. When you extend your permit, the amount will from now on be deducted from your account in 1 go. This applies to the parking permit for residents as well as for companies.  

Read more under Paying for or changing your parking permit.

Caregivers park for free

Residents of The Hague who are dependent upon informal caregivers can apply for a parking permit for caregivers. Caregivers then get parking credit. The caregiver can use this parking credit to park for free at the person who needs care. It is not necessary to pay extra at the parking metre.

Are you applying for a parking permit for caregivers for the first time? Then you pay a one-time fee of € 13.60 in administration costs. There will no longer be an annual fee for the parking permit. The fee in 2017 was € 36 per year.

Read more under Parking permit for caregivers.

Purchasing extra hours and carrying over hours

Do you have a visitor’s parking permit and/or a caregiver’s parking permit? In the first quarter of 2018 it will be possible to purchase additional hours for the parking permit. This is currently not yet possible. Later this year you will be able to purchase an extra 50 hours per permit year.

Due to a technical error the unused hours were not credited to the new amount on 1 February. A maximum of 50 unused hours will be credited as quickly as possible.

Car sharing

More and more residents of The Hague are participating in car sharing schemes. Car sharing is a good option in neighbourhoods where the streets are quite narrow and there are not enough parking spots for everyone.

The municipality would like to assist neighbourhood organisations and initiatives with car sharing. In 2018 they can apply for a parking permit for peer-to-peer car sharing and a reserved parking spot.

More information on this measure will be published later.

Arrange parking affairs in MijnDenHaag

In MijnDenHaag you can view your personal folders. For example you can see the property value of your home. Starting in 2018 you will be able to arrange your parking affairs via MijnDenHaag.

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