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Published: 28 June 2018Modified: 18 September 2018

In 2011 and 2012 archaeologists from the municipality excavated and studied the area around the Wateringse Binnentuinen where people were living as long ago as in 2900 B.C. Following their research the archaeologists wrote a book and developed an app about prehistoric life in this area.

The Wateringse Binnentuinen is currently a stately new housing development with a lot of green areas and water. Almost 5,000 years ago it was much more spacious, greener and abundant in water. There were dunes in between the swampland. Around 2900 B.C. a group of people appeared. These people probably arrived by log boat. We can see from the tracks that these people took refuge in a hut for a few days and ate porpoise.

Living on old dunes

Archaeologists Peter Stokkel and Evert van Ginkel show how life was then using photos and interactive pages. In order to do so they used tracks in the ground and small pieces of flintstone and pottery. You can read all about it in the book and you can also look at moving images using the special ‘Wonen op oude duinen’ (‘Living on old dunes’) app. You will see how arrows were made, pots were shaped and trees were chopped down with a stone axe.

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Excavations in the Wateringse Binnentuinen
Excavations in the Wateringse Binnentuinen