Broken bike? Go to the bicycle repair post!

Published: 4 August 2023Modified: 4 August 2023

The temporary bicycle parking facility on the Zandvoortselaan in Kijkduin now has a bicycle repair post. Cyclists can use the bicycle repair kit for basic maintenance if their bike breaks down. The kit contains tools for doing simple repair work. For example, you can use it to adjust a saddle, repair a broken chain or fix a tire puncture. It also has a bicycle pump.

The Hague now has 2 bicycle repair posts. The 1st post opened in Oostduinpark in Scheveningen in 2022. The new bicycle repair post will remain on the Zandvoortselaan the entire year.

Idea of Ide Schelling

The idea behind the bicycle repair post comes from Ide Schelling and the municipality. Ide is a professional cyclist and a cycling ambassador in The Hague.

Ide Schelling: ’There is nothing as annoying as your bike breaking down while you are out cycling. It is even worse when there is no bicycle mechanic close by. I got to know the bicycle repair post from other cycling trips. It is super that there are now 2 of them in The Hague.’

Action plan for the coast

The municipality is encouraging residents and visitors to do more cycling. This of course includes a cycling trip to the beach. The temporary bicycle parking facility and the new bicycle repair post make it even more fun to cycle to Kijkduin.

All of these resources are part of the Actieplan Kust (Action plan for the coast). Read more about the measures for Kijkduin at (in Dutch).