Bomenbuurt neighbourhood co-operative sharing 5 cars

Published: 16 December 2019Modified: 19 December 2019

There are different initiatives in the Segbroek city district which are all helping us to look differently at mobility and transport. On 15 December 2019 29 households starting using 5 lease cars together under the Bomenbuurt neighbourhood co-operative. Which sustainable mode of transportation will you choose?

Neighbourhood co-operative with Wij zijn deel

In the Bomenbuurt 29 households have formed a neighbourhood co-operative. The co-operative has leased 5 cars which the members will use together. By sharing the costs, it is much cheaper than having or leasing a car yourself. Moreover the cars are always new, well maintained and they have a designated parking spot in the neighbourhood. Fewer cars mean more space in the street for plants or a playground, for example.

Forming a co-operative seems complicated but the non-profit organisation ‘Wij zijn Deel’ can help you. A co-operative can decide on small and large lease cars and also buy an electric cargo bike. Look at the costs on

Bicycle and scooter sharing

In addition to car sharing there are more possibilities for looking at mobility, for example by sharing bicycles and scooters. This is already happening quite a bit in Segbroek.

Bicycle sharing eliminates the need for people to have a 2nd bicycle. This can free up more space, particularly at train stations. Approximately 45% of the spaces in the parking facilities at the train station are now occupied by ‘2nd bicycles’. A number of companies in The Hague are participating in the bike-sharing scheme: Mobike, HTM, GoAbout.

Electric neighbourhood cargo bikes from Cargoroo are available at different locations. Electric cargo bikes can replace cars for small trips, such as for grocery shopping, an excursion with children or a trip to the home-improvement centre. It is possible that the cargo bikes will make having a (2nd) car no longer necessary at all.

Electric scooters from Felyx are available all over the city. The scooters can replace short trips you usually take in the car.

Bicycles and scooters in the scheme (photo: Valerie Kuypers)
Bicycles and scooters in the scheme (photo: Valerie Kuypers)

Other methods of car sharing

The municipality is stimulating people to think about mobility because together we need to keep the city accessible, attractive and liveable. Now and in the future. Smart mobility such as car sharing is part of this plan. In addition to forming a neighbourhood co-operative there are other possibilities. Look at the following pages: