Bike-sharing pilot

Published: 27 June 2019Modified: 14 October 2019

A trial project involving bike-sharing, electric cargo bike-sharing and scooter-sharing will run in The Hague from mid-March until the end of 2019. There are 5 companies renting out the bicycles and electric scooters.

Participating in a bike-sharing scheme is good for the environment. And you always get a good bicycle.

Bicycles and scooters in the scheme (Photo: Valerie Kuypers)
Bicycles and scooters in the scheme (Photo: Valerie Kuypers)

Rules for preventing nuisance

The municipality has set up rules for the providers of the bicycles and scooters. This will prevent them from causing nuisance. These are the rules:

  • The rules for parking the bicycles in the bike-sharing scheme are the same as for regular bicycles.
  • Every provider will start out with a maximum number of bicycles or scooters.
  • Every provider will have fixed locations for picking up a bicycle or scooter and for dropping them off.
  • The providers will ensure that the bicycles do not remain standing for long at spots where they are not being used.

    Bike-sharing: this is how it works

    • You can rent a bicycle in the bike-sharing scheme using an app. You can use the app to unlock and relock a bicycle. You pay for the amount of time you rent the bike. The app contains the rules for The Hague and the spots where you are not allowed to park the bikes.
    • The rental session stops once the bicycle is returned to the correct spot. If the bicycle is not placed in the correct spot, you will pay extra money. Parking the bike in the right spot after you have used it will save you money.
    • The providers can see online where the bicycles are and whether they are standing still or in motion. If a bicycle is left standing in a wrong spot for too long, the provider will take the bicycle to a correct location.
    • If this pilot is a success, many people will no longer need a 2nd bicycle.


      • By using the bike-sharing scheme, many people will no longer need a 2nd bicycle. About 45% of the spots in the bicycle parking facilities at the train stations are taken up by 2nd bicycles.
      • The scooters are electric. This is better for the environment than, for example, a taxi.
      • Thanks to the electric cargo bikes people will take the car less often for small trips, such as for grocery shopping or an excursion with children. It is possible that the cargo bikes will make having a (2nd) car no longer necessary at all.

      Providers: Go About, Mobike, Felyx, HTM and Cargoroo

      Would you like to learn more about using the bike-sharing, electric cargo bike-sharing and scooter-sharing scheme? Look at the website of 1 of the providers. You can register as a user and download the app. All questions, complaints and comments can be addressed to the providers.

      Go About

      Go About will rent out a maximum of 150 bicycles in the downtown area, the Beatrixkwartier and the Binckhorst.
      Telephone number: (070) 201 10 12


      Mobike will rent out a maximum of 500 bicycles in the downtown area and Beatrixkwartier.
      via Whatsapp:  06 - 43 84 29 38


      Felyx start begin april 2019 met maximaal 200 elektrische scooters in het gebied van de binnenstad naar Scheveningen.
      Telephone number: (085) 208 04 70


      HTM will rent out a maximum of 500 bicycles and will focus on public transportation stops. 
      Questions about bike-sharing:


      Cargoroo will rent a maximum of 50 electric cargo bikes for the entire city starting in September 2019. You can find more information on the website of Cargoroo starting in September.
      Telephone number: (020) 210 34 62

      Report an abandoned bicycle

      Despite the agreements the municipality has made with the providers, the bicycles in the bike-sharing scheme can be left standing too long in the wrong place. These bicycles are clearly recognisable. Have you seen this type of bicycle standing unused in the wrong spot. Report it as an abandoned bicycle.

      GoAbout bicycle
      GoAbout bicycle
      Felyx scooter
      Felyx scooter
      Cargoroo cargo bike
      Cargoroo cargo bike

      Mobike bicycle
      Mobike bicycle
      HTM bicycle
      HTM bicycle