Beresteinlaan-Melis Stokelaan intersection: roadworks

Published: 18 October 2021Modified: 21 October 2021

The municipality is making the intersection between the Beresteinlaan and Melis Stokelaan safer. It will shift the cycle paths and modify the crossings for cyclists and pedestrians. The work will start on Monday, 18 October and last until approximately 24 December 2021.

Kruising Beresteinlaan-Melis Stokelaan

What is going to happen

The project will include:

  • constructing a left-hand turning lane on the Melis Stokelaan from the city centre to the Beresteinlaan
  • shifting the cycle paths and pedestrian crossings on the Beresteinlaan
  • shifting the cycle path along the Melis Stokelaan towards the city centre
  • constructing a white triangle on the roadway of the Beresteinlaan
  • reprogramming the traffic lights

Traffic interruptions

The intersection between the Beresteinlaan and Melis Stokelaan will be closed between the Vrederustlaan and Lozerlaan during the project. Cyclists and pedestrians will be led along the work site.


Vehicular traffic driving in the direction of the Lozerlaan will be able to use a diversion from the intersection between the Melis Stokelaan and Dedemsvaartweg via the Erasmusweg or Hengelolaan. The diversion route applies to both directions.

Diversion route


Parking spaces on the Melis Stokelaan and Beresteinlaan will temporarily not be available where the work is taking place.

Public transportation

Tram 9 will operate its regular route. The tram stops will be in use as usual.

Household waste

You will not be able to use the underground rubbish containers by Melis Stokelaan 2436 during the project. You can use the containers by Melis Stokelaan 2252 or by Wolweversgaarde 865. 


If you have questions about the project, contact Jessica de Vries at the municipality. You can send an email to