Beacons along the route from city to coast

Published: 28 March 2018Modified: 24 May 2018

During the week of 26 March the route towards the sea will be marked by beacons. A total of 30 beacons will be placed along the route from The Hague’s Central Station to the Scheveningen boulevard. Seaside Celebrations is using this project to make the connection between the city and the coast so that everybody becomes more familiar with The Hague as the City by the Sea. The beacons will remain standing until the week before Christmas 2018.

The route towards the sea

Over a distance of 5 kilometres the beacons lead visitors from the city to the beach. The route goes from The Hague’s Central Station via:

  • Koekamp
  • Koningskade
  • Raamweg
  • Plesmanweg
  • Nieuwe Parklaan
  • and the Badhuisweg to the boulevard.

Illuminated beacons using solar energy

The tops of the beacons will light up blue in the evenings. The beacons are decorated with images of the city and the sea. They consist partially out of recyclable materials and use solar energy for the lighting. A timer will switch on the lights every evening  In the summer the beacons will give light from 21.00 to approximately 1.00 hrs. and in the autumn and the winter from 18.00 to approximately midnight. The times depend on how much sun the solar panels received. Solar energy will be stored in the battery.

Bicycle route

A ‘City-Coast bicycle route’ will be available once the beach season starts in April. Everybody will be able to experience the path to the sea on this permanent route. Visitors will be taken past the loveliest spots in The Hague and the route will be available in a booklet as well as online at More thematic bicycle routes will be created later in the year.

Reason for the beacons and bicycle route

Research has shown that not many people know that The Hague’s downtown area is only 15 minutes away from the sea. And vice versa: visitors to Scheveningen are not always aware that the downtown area wit hits shops and culture can be found just a stone’s throw away.

About Seaside Celebrations

This project is part of the programme for Seaside Celebrations, 200 years of the Scheveningen seaside resort. In 1818 Jacobus Pronk built the first bathhouse in Scheveningen. This year the city is offering its residents and visitors a wide variety of festivities. The seaside resort will be in the spotlight and the whole city will celebrate with festivals, expositions and performances.

View the whole programme at

The beacon at The Hague's Central Station
The beacon at The Hague's Central Station