Ban on soft drugs in parts of Scheveningen

Published: 24 July 2020Modified: 24 July 2020

The municipality has prohibited the use of soft drugs in public areas in parts of Scheveningen for 6 months. The ban is in effect from 23 July 2020 to 23 January 2021.

The main reason for the ban is to combat nuisance due to the use of hash and marijuana. The ban is part of the action plan to stop the nuisance in the seaside area.

Areas with ban

The ban on soft drugs applies to the following areas:

  • The coast: the area from the northern side of the harbour inlet (Noordelijk havenhoofd), Strandweg, Gevers Deynootweg, Adriaan Maasplein, the entire Zeekant, Rederserf, the Pier and the Zwarte pad.
  • Around the Zuiderstrandtheater: the southern side of the harbour inlet (Zuidelijk havenhoofd), Houtrustweg to the Zeezwaluwstraat, Kranenburgweg and the Boeistraat.

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