Ban on mopeds in the Grote Marktstraat before the summer

Published: 19 March 2018Modified: 19 March 2018

The municipality will introduce a ban on driving mopeds in the Grote Marktstraat before the summer. Mopeds are now creating dangerous situations in the Grote Marktstraat and are involved in many near collisions with pedestrians.

Mopeds can reach high speeds and the Grote Marktstraat is not meant for fast moving traffic. This ban will make the street safer for shoppers and cyclists.

All mopeds will have to drive through the centre via the Lutherse Burgwal and the Gedempte Gracht. The municipality will place signs in the entire area to alert moped drivers to the new rules. They will get a warning the first 2 weeks after the ban takes effect in order to get used to the new rules. After that the police will start handing out citations.

Mopeds travelling to a destination in the Grote Marktstraat or 1 of the side streets can first park in the free Biesieklette parking facility on the Kranestraat, Grote Markt, or 1 of the on-street parking spaces.