Action plan for Scheveningen boulevard and harbour against nuisance

Published: 10 August 2020Modified: 18 August 2020

The municipality has drawn up an action plan to combat the nuisance caused by visitors to Scheveningen. Especially on sunny days there is noise pollution from racing cars and motorcycles. Loitering youths are regularly under the influence of alcohol, soft drugs and laughing gas and they are leaving garbage behind. Young people are creating public disorder at the harbour and there are people sleeping in the dunes at night.

There is often heavy traffic on the roads to Scheveningen in warm weather. The corona crisis means even more people are visiting Scheveningen. People living in the Netherlands are staying in the country for their summer holidays and young people are struggling with boredom. There are also more tourists from neighbouring countries.

Action plan

The municipality drew up the Scheveningen boulevard and harbour action plan (summer 2020) together with the police. The following measures can be found in the plan:

1. Strategy for nuisance from racing cars and motorcycles

    During busy times the municipality will close off roads, such as the Strandweg. And it will introduce speed reduction measures, where necessary. The police will conduct additional surveillance. Motorists are not permitted to drive under the influence of laughing gas.

    2. Strategy for public disorder on the beach and boulevard

    Until 23 January 2021 the municipality has prohibited the use of soft drugs in public areas in parts of Scheveningen. The main reason for the ban is to prevent nuisance due to the use of hash and marijuana. The ban applies to the following areas:

    • The coast: the area from the northern side of the harbour inlet (Noordelijk havenhoofd), Strandweg, Gevers Deynootweg, Adriaan Maasplein, the entire Zeekant, Rederserf, the Pier and the Zwarte Pad.
    • Around the Zuiderstrandtheater: the southern side of the harbour inlet (Zuidelijk havenhoofd), Houtrustweg to the Zeezwaluwstraat, Kranenburgweg and the Boeistraat.

    3. Strategy for nuisance in the harbour

    The municipality will close off the quays of the first harbour and the diving spot by the passage point. There will be additional surveillance on and around the water and there will also be camera surveillance. In addition the municipality is consulting with social workers and youth workers. Troublesome youth and their parents will be spoken to directly.

    4. Strategy for recreational areas in the dunes

    Forest rangers, enforcers and the Dunea water supplier will also conduct extra surveillance. Stichting Barka will keep an eye on migrant workers without a fixed place of residence who are spending the night in the dunes.

    5. Strategy for getting to Scheveningen

    Additional traffic wardens and security guards will deployed when the temperature is 21 degrees or higher. The municipality will close off the Strandweg, Vissershavenweg and Vissershavenstraat if necessary.

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