Wecycle at The Hague’s city farms

'Wecycle' is an initiative by producers and importers of electrical appliances. The goal is to work together with shops, consumers and municipalities to collect more electrical appliances and batteries and to recycle them. This conserves resources and protects the environment.

All of The Hague’s city farms have a collection bin for disposing of small electric appliances. They have 1 simple rule: an electric appliance is small if it fits into a shopping bag. There are also special bins at the city farms where visitors can deposit empty batteries.

City farms

The city farms are providing this possibility to make it easier for residents of The Hague to dispose of their electric waste. The city farms receive an annual sum for items which are brought there. The farms can use this money to purchase materials in the future.

By bringing your small electric appliances and batteries to the city farm, you are helping the environment and ultimately to make the city farms more attractive.

More information

More information about the items which are accepted and the 'Wecycle' campaign can be found at www.wecycle.nl (in Dutch).

Published: 19 November 2019Modified: