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A beautiful butterfly garden, maintained by volunteers, has been created in Reigersbergen in Marlot. The garden is located at the edge of a meadow and is adjacent to a row of garden allotments. As you walk through the butterfly garden you see various sorts of butterflies such as small whites, red admirals, brimstones, holly blues, commas, peacocks, green-veined whites, speckled woods, meadow browns, map butterflies (summer), small heaths, painted ladies, tortoise shells and large whites.

Pick up a folder at the Haagse Hout district office or at City Hall.

Excursions in Heempark H.J. Bos

Between the ‘concrete city’ of The Hague and the ‘glass city’ of Westland and at the edge of the Madestein recreational park is one of the most varied green area in The Hague: Heempark H.J. Bos (3 hectares).

The natural ground substances in this arboretum are sand, peat and clay. These ground substances are found throughout the Province of South Holland. This is why a landscape garden was created in 1977 featuring a selection of South Holland landscapes.

Two-hour group excursions are held monthly starting at the Hoeve Bijdorp children’s farm. The entrance is at the Loosduinse Hoofdstraat adjacent to no. 1184.
Please check the Dutch-language website Heempark H.J. Bos.

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Published: 1 January 2011Modified: 16 June 2017