What you can do against pesky seagulls

Seagulls can create a nuisance (noise, fouling, damage to property), particularly during brooding season. The municipality is trying to trying to limit this nuisance as much as possible. Read what you can do to limit the nuisance caused by pesky seagulls.

Seagulls are protected under the Nature Conservation Act and this needs to be taken into consideration when trying to limit the nuisance they cause. The municipality and you can take the following measures together.

Prevent litter

You can keep the city clean together with the municipality.

  • By not throwing any rubbish on the street, you can prevent nuisance by birds.
  • Where possible, the municipality is placing underground rubbish containers for your household waste.
  • You can also order your own household rubbish bin (kliko).
  • Are you disposing of your household waste in plastic garbage bags? Set these out on the kerb on the day your household waste is collected and as close to the time of collection as possible. Seal the bags tightly.

Use extra strong yellow garbage bags

The brooding season for seagulls begins in March and can last until July. The municipality is making extra strong yellow garbage bags available from 1 March to 1 September 2017. Seagulls in search of food for their chicks are not able to peck open these bags as easily. You can pick up these garbage bags for free at:

  • the information desks at the city district offices in Laak, Loosduinen, Scheveningen, Segbroek and Haagse Hout
  • The Hague Information Centre in City Hall
  • the public library in the Laakkwartier
  • the Herweijerhoeve, Reigershof, Gagelhoeve, Kakelhof, Waaygat and Molenweide city farms.

Don’t feed the birds

Birds do not need extra food. Too much food is detrimental to their health. Food put out for birds often goes uneaten but will attract rodents such as rats. Do you have leftover bread? Do not feed it to the birds but dispose of it in a bread collection bin.

Adapt your roof

Do you have a flat roof? Make it inaccessible so that seagulls do not brood there:

Also see

Report street litter caused by birds (Meld zwerfvuil) on the page Report a problem to the municipality.

Published: 17 March 2017Modified: 22 February 2018