Boarding your cat or dog

The Hague region offers a number of animal boarding facilities where you can board your pet when you go on a holiday. Alternatively you can also choose from a number of cat-sitting or dog-walking services.

Dierenpension Den Haag

Please be aware that these boarding kennels tend to fill up quickly during school holidays and you will need to book months in advance. All facilities require a range of (obligatory) vaccinations, check the websites for current information. Animals which are not vaccinated properly will not be admitted.

An overview of the boarding facilities in the region can be found at Some facilities also offer day care for animals who cannot be left alone during the day.

  • Dierenpension Den Haag is a small boarding facility for cats and small pets like birds, rabbits and rodents. Quality and care for your pets are of utmost importance. More information on
  • National Animal Care boarding facility is located in Wassenaar, close to the border with The Hague, and has over 80 years of experience boarding cats and dogs. A team of professionals accompanied by motivated volunteers take great care of the animals. Next to the boarding department, National Animal Care also has an animal shelter, animal rescue service and ‘The Senior Club’ animal rest home for older dogs and cats. More information on

Cat-sitting service

If you do not want to take your cat to a boarding department, you can consider a cat-sitting service. Vereniging Kattenzorg ( offers an affordable holiday serve for its members. Otherwise do an internet search using 'kattenoppas Den Haag' for an overview of the possibilities.

Dog-walking service

There are numerous dog-walking services in The Hague area. Most dog-walking services will pick your dog up from your home and take it to the beach or woods for an hour or two before returning the dog home. Just search using 'hondenuitlaatservice Den Haag' to find a dog-walking service in your neighbourhood.

Lost and found animals

Has your pet run away? Check with the local rescue service or animal shelter to see whether they have found your pet. Although no longer obligatory, it is wise to have a microchip implanted under the skin of your pet. This makes it easier to find your animal if it is lost. Please consult your veterinarian. Most shelters will register found animals at Here you can also report your pet missing.

Published: 13 August 2012Modified: 19 May 2017