The Hague, international city of peace and justice

In The Hague, tens of thousands of people are working every day to build a more peaceful and just world. People come to The Hague from all over the world to work together on solutions to global problems. With the Peace Palace at the centre of it all, The Hague is truly the international city of peace and justice.

Peace Palace

International organisations

The Hague regularly features in the world news because international legal cases are tried in the many courts and tribunals, such as the International Court of Justice and the International Criminal Court. But The Hague is more than courts, tribunals and palaces. The special status of the city draws many government leaders, knowledge institutions, non-profit organisations, businesses and students. Here, they work together, share their knowledge and develop new ideas. And here in The Hague, political leaders and diplomats come together to discuss and resolve international disputes and head off armed conflict.

International conferences

The Hague is then also a logical choice for international conferences. In 2014, 53 international leaders visited the city during the biggest conference ever held in the Netherlands, the Nuclear Security Summit. And in 2018, the biggest international conference for young people, One Young World, will be held in The Hague. Delegates will grapple with such international issues as justice, peace and the environment.


In The Hague, where the pursuit of justice plays such a prominent role, a logical extension of that engagement is the city’s active engagement on international security issues as well. One such example is the OPCW, the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons, which was awarded the 2013 Nobel Peace Prize. And The Hague is the hub of the largest security cluster in Europe: The Hague Security Delta. In some 400 different organisations, more than 13,000 people work together here to increase security around the globe, with a particular focus on ‘cyber security’.

International Zone

Most of the international organisations in The Hague are based in the so-called International Zone. This large area in The Hague is popular among the international community, and the pretty residential neighbourhoods in this part of the old city are also home to a number of embassies. In order to make the area more attractive to international organisations and residents, the city is investing in extra amenities, greater security, pleasant open spaces and better transport links.

More information

If you like to find out more about The Hague as the international city of peace and justice, please contact the Directorate of International Affairs. Please phone tel. +31 (0)70 353 32 04 or send an e-mail to

Below you can download the brochure ‘The Hague international city of peace and justice’ and the 2013 ‘Guide to International Organisations in The Hague’.

Brochure: 'The Hague international city of peace and justice' (PDF, 3,7 MB)
Guide to International Organisations in The Hague (2013) (PDF, 14,2 MB)

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