Special Tribunal for Lebanon, STLEB - International Organisation

The Special Tribunal for Lebanon is an international criminal tribunal for the prosecution, under Lebanese law, of criminal acts relating to the assassination of Rafik Hariri on 14 February 2005. The tribunal officially opened in Leidschendam on 1 March 2009.

Special Tribunal for Lebanon (STLEB)

The mandate of the Special Tribunal for Lebanon is to prosecute persons responsible for the attack of 14 February 2005 resulting in the death of former Prime Minister Rafiq Hariri and in the death or injury of other persons. The Tribunal’s jurisdiction could be extended beyond the 14 February 2005 bombing if the Tribunal finds that other attacks that occurred in Lebanon between 1 October 2004 and 12 December 2005 are connected in accordance with the principles of criminal justice and are of a nature and gravity similar to the attack of 14 February 2005.

The tribunal marks the first UN-based international criminal court to try a terrorist crime committed against a specific person.

The Special Tribunal will be a hybrid international court, consisting of national and international members with four organs: the Chambers, Office of the Prosecutor, Registry and Defence Office.

Contact details

Dokter van Stamstraat 1
P.O. Box 115
2260 AC Leidschendam
Telephone: 070 - 800 34 00
Email: stl-pressoffice@un.org
Website: www.stl-tsl.org

Published: 10 April 2017Modified: 30 May 2017