Banking and taxes

Here you will find information on banking as well as national and municipal taxes.


Once you are registered in the Netherlands and have obtained your citizen service number (BSN), you will be able to open a bank account.

Credit cards are often not accepted for small everyday transactions, whereas debit cards (pinpas, bankpas) are frequently used. Direct debit or pre-authorised payment from your bank account is the most common method for paying regular bills and is sometimes used for one-time purchases as well.

On the ACCESS website you will find information on banking in the Netherlands and links to different banks.
Also see the ACCESS guide 'Banking, taxation and personal finance' where you will find more information about opening a bank account, currency, day-to-day banking activities, how to pay, other forms of banking, and useful websites.

National taxes and benefits

The Dutch government website New in the Netherlands provides information on the following taxes and benefits: child care benefits, health care benefits, home ownership benefits, housing benefits, income dependent child benefits, income tax return, living abroad while working in the Netherlands, removal goods and working for an employer.

The 30% ruling is a tax reimbursement scheme designed to compensate the expenses highly-skilled migrants and scientific researchers incur due to temporary residence in the Netherlands.
Find more information on the 30% ruling.

Local taxes

Every year the municipality in which you live will send you a bill for taxes to be paid on things like waste removal, sewerage charges and property tax. For any questions regarding these, please contact your municipality (Department of Public Service, Municipal Tax Department). Please note the deadline for payment as some municipalities charge a fine for late payment.

The Hague

Visit the municipal website for more information about taxes in The Hague.


Visit the municipal website for more information about local taxes (in Dutch).

Published: 4 July 2017Modified: 19 July 2017