Working in prostitution

Are you looking for information on how to stay safe and healthy while working in prostitution? There are various organisations in The Hague which can help you.


SHOP (Sociale Hulp en Opvang Prostitutie en mensenhandel) is a foundation which supports prostitutes and victims of human trafficking. The organisation offers help, support and shelter to (former) sex workers and victims of human trafficking living and/or working in The Hague. There are 3 departments:

  1. Ambulant support: a social worker can answer questions about health, psychosocial complaints, shelter, accommodation, work, retraining, insurance policies, social provisions, residence and work permits and human trafficking. SHOP also has a prostitution exit programme if you would like to quit working in the business.
  2. 24-hour shelter for women who need rest, a meal, a medical consultation, a conversation and practical support.
  3. Spot 46: centre for information and advice for sex workers about staying safe and healthy in their work.

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Stichting De Haven

Stichting De Haven is a Christian organisation which offers help and support to (former) sex workers. De Haven provides the following services:

  • Volunteers who visit sex workers in the red-light district.
  • Social work to answer questions about psychosocial complaints, health, finances, accommodation, work, daily programme and social provisions.
  • An exit programme.
  • A buddy project to strengthen and build up the social network of (former) sex workers.
  • Pastoral care for questions relating to (Christian) faith.
  • Advice and a listening ear for people who are involved in or are confronted with prostitution in their local environment.

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You can contact the Centre for Sexual Health (CSG Haaglanden) for a free and anonymous STI test, Hepatitis B vaccination and information and advice about (unwanted) pregnancy and contraception.

For more information, visit the website of the Centre for Sexual Health.

Published: 27 July 2015Modified: 24 July 2017