Social services

Algemeen Maatschappelijk Werk (AMW), or Dutch Social Services, in The Hague offers help to people with problems they are unable to solve themselves.

Professionally trained social workers will work together with you to find the best solution to a problem. Residents of The Hague can turn to the AMW with all kinds of problems or questions.

Examples include:

  • personal/psychological problems (loneliness, insecurity, melancholy, grief, stress, relationship problems and questions about raising children)
  • problems with (government) authorities
  • work and income

Make an appointment

If you live in The Hague, you can contact Algemeen Maatschappelijk Werk (including Stichting MOOI!, VÓÓR Welzijn and Zebra Welzijn) on the general telephone number 070 - 205 22 22.
They will try to the best of their ability to clarify your needs and to determine whether a talk with the AMW would be appropriate or whether another specialised agency would be better suited to handle your question. It is not possible to walk into their offices.

Anonymity preferred

Social services

Social workers in The Hague and Scheveningen also work online: you can get online support from a social worker through the website This will help you in a structured way to find a suitable solution to your problem, anonymously and free of charge. You can also chat directly with a social worker and take an online training course.

A big additional advantage is that there are no waiting lists and you will have contact with your social worker within 24 hours.

Published: 3 November 2014Modified: 20 December 2021