Interpreting and translation services

If you don’t speak Dutch well, there may be some cause for misunderstanding between you and the medical practitioner you’re consulting.

If this is the case, ask your medical practitioner to phone the Tolk- en Vertaalcentrum Nederland (TVcN) for interpreting and translation services. If your medical practitioner makes the request, the costs will be covered free of charge. 

The interpreter can listen over the telephone and ensure that there is a good understanding between patient and doctor. An interpreter can occasionally come to the appointment if interpretation over the telephone is not possible.

Medical Treatment Contracts Act

In the Medical Treatment Contracts Act (WGBO) it has been determined that the care provider has to communicate in a language the client can understand. In the Clients' Right of Complaint (Care Sector) Act, the Care Institutions (Quality) Act and the Individual Healthcare Professions Act (wet BIG) the deployment of a professional interpreter for a language problem is set as the standard.

Improving the quality of care 

The language barrier is the main problem for the accessibility of the care for foreigners. Studies show that professional interpreters have a positive effect on the quality and the result of the care and it furthermore increases patient satisfaction concerning the treatment. This effect is increased if the professionals are trained in conducting a conversation with an interpreter. 

More info

Visit the website of the Global Talk for more info.

Published: 9 April 2013Modified: 19 June 2020